Affordable Senior Living in Vista, CA

Project Details:
  • Name: The Grove
  • Location: 815 Civic Center Drive, Vista, CA
  • Size / Number of Units: 81
  • Type: Affordable Senior Housing

Project Team: Certification Performance:
  • Level Achieved:  GreenPoint Rated Gold
  • Points Earned: 114
  • Version: New Home Multifamily (v.7.0)

                                            Photographs by: Brady Architectural Photography

Key Features

Featuring ample shared outdoor space, private balconies, on-site programs, and easy access to public transit, this senior living community enhances the lives of its residents by fostering connection and supporting their ongoing independence through thoughtful sustainable design and programming. stok led the project’s GreenPoint Rated pursuit with a focus on solar photovoltaics and solar hot water planning and implementation.

The projected savings from pursuing above code performance with the GreenPoint Rated system include:

  • 21.5% reduction in energy usage compared to baseline
  • 5.6% reduction in water usage compared to baseline
  • 1,239  tons of solid waste diverted from landfill
  • 1,569 tons of CO2 emissions avoided
  • $200 estimated annual savings per unit on energy bills

To see what features contributed to the project earning its GreenPoint Rated Gold status, hover over each category below.


Energy Efficiency

Home outperforms state energy efficiency requirements (Title 24)

Solar Hot Water Heating

ENERGY STAR Refrigerators

Health / Air Quality

Health & Air Quality

Low-emitting insulation
(per CDPH Standard)

Low-emitting flooring

Detached garage

Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Drought-tolerant and California native species used in landscaping

Stormwater control system

WaterSense showerheads

Resource Conservation

Resource Conservation

75% C&D waste diversion

Durable flooring

Insulation with recycled content



100% affordable housing for seniors

Reduced parking to promote more public transit use and walking and biking to nearby services

Developed on infill site (former motel)

Achieving a GreenPoint Rated Gold certification goes above and beyond the minimum requirements, and developers Wakeland Housing, in partnership with GreenPoint Rater, Linda Tim (stok), have succeeded in building a healthier home for their future residents. The project was financed with support from the California Advanced Homes Program, which formally recognizes the GreenPoint Rated program.

Thanks in part to the efforts of the GreenPoint Rater, Linda Tim (stok), Wakeland Housing decided to include a solar-PV system sized to maximize the property’s roof space and offset the residents’ usage, helping all tenants save money on their energy bills.

Considering GreenPoint Rated for your next project?

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